Available test data

A continuously increasing dataset allow the testing of the features search and presentation in the Handschriftenportal (HSP). The HSP offers academic descriptions or at least basic information and in numerous cases also digital copies.

This datasets’ content has been fully edited and substantially reviewed within the HSP project. Therefore, the full texts of those manuscript descriptions as well as the homogenized basic data can be displayed.

More information and updates can be found in our release notes (German only). 

The vast majority of the digital copies of manuscripts is compatible with the IIIF standard and can therefore be opened in the HSP workspace. If a digital copy is not compatible, there will be a link to the local presentation at the appropriate library.

Please consider that this is a test environment and the given identifiers and links are not yet permanent!

Until the release of the finished Handschriftenportal please continue to use Manuscripta Mediaevalia for your academic research.