Follow-up user study

Looking for students interested in manuscripts!


The Handschriftenportal (Manuscripts Portal, HSP) is currently being developed into an online platform to provide metadata, descriptive information and images on codex manuscripts in German collections. In April 2021, a hybrid card-sorting test with 56 participants was carried out by the Berlin School of Library and Information Science (Humboldt University) in cooperation with the Berlin State Library, and Leipzig University Library.

The following three questions were investigated:

  1. How should facets be grouped so that they are easy to find?
  2. Which facets are misleading or difficult to understand?
  3. Which facets are missing?

The card-sorting test led to different findings, which will be examined in a follow-up study. More Information about this first study can be found here: (German-only)


A thinking-aloud test will explore if users are satisfied with the HSP’s usability and the ways they use it. Results will be used for optimising the platform – and will integrate requests by different target groups. We encourage young researchers to take part in this test. With your help we will be able to optimise the HSP for future generations of scientists!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all interviews/usability tests will be conducted online via Zoom. Participants won’t need personal accounts, but a software download could be necessary.
The interviews will last for about 30 minutes. Participants will be asked to share their screens and comment their actions while working on the HSP.

Questions and registration

For questions and registration please contact:
Paulina Bressel
Tel: 030 2093-70963