Test environment of the Handschriftenportal

In order to offer you an early insight into the future potential of the Handschriftenportal we are presenting a test environment (accessible at https://alpha.handschriftenportal.de) so that the features search and presentation can be experienced and assessed using a sample of datasets. The following will provide some general information and useful guidelines for using the Handschriftenportal and an overview of the limited features of the test run.

This insight into the features demonstrates that the Handschriftenportal has not yet reached the full capability of the end product. At the moment this is particularly evident in the rather small amount of data which has been made available.

Alongside our monthly sprint meetings the test environment will be regularly updated in respect to content and technical improvements so as to make our current progress available to view and comment on.

Please consider that the test run is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari; however it does not support the Internet Explorer – Microsoft is no longer pursuing its development.