• Illumination aus: Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita, Italien 14. Jh. (Leipzig, UB, Rep. I 1), https://digital.ub.uni-leipzig.de/object/viewid/0000010698

Project Handschriftenportal

Creating a central national portal for manuscripts

The DFG-funded project Handschriftenportal (Manuscripts Portal) aims to develop a central information platform for medieval and early modern manuscripts, which will supersede the online database Manuscripta Mediaevalia on a cutting-edge technical basis. The Handschriftenportal will assemble descriptive information on manuscripts in German collections, as well as record or integrate digital facsimiles of the original manuscripts. All of the data on the platform will be made available in interoperable exchange formats.

This DFG-funded collaborative project is being carried out by four partner institutions:

The platform is being developed in close consultation with the German Handschriftenzentren (manuscript centres) as well as with an academic advisory board.

A fundamental principle is the close collaboration with researchers using the platform as well as the institutions holding the collections during the entire development phase.

Project Aim

Manuscripts are unique cultural heritage objects, which have particular value as sources for diverse historical questions. The Handschriftenportal will provide bespoke and systematic access to information on these cultural heritage objects.

It will be the central online access point for research on medieval and early modern manuscripts; at the same time it will offer users a virtual personal work space.

Looking Ahead

The Handschriftenportal is currently under development. The first productive version of the portal (alpha) will be released at the end of the first funding period; by that time all data from Manuscripta Mediaevalia will have been migrated to the new portal.

Illuminations from: Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita, Italy 14th c. (Leipzig, UB, Rep. I 1).

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